At any time, the atmosphere contains about 10 times more fresh water than all the combined fresh water rivers on the surface of the earth. A small fraction of that atmospheric water which condenses as clouds falls as rain, and a far smaller fraction falls on the earth’s landmasses where it can augment increasingly deficient water supplies.

Low-cost, low-energy, light-weight and targetable, ATLANT™ aims to increase the proportion of humidity that falls to earth’s land masses as rainfall.

Each ATLANT™ ion-emitting device incorporates a high voltage generator connected to a multi kilometer suspension of thin wires around a framework of pyramids. The device’s approximate dimensions are 12m x 4m x 5m, with a weight of approximately 500 kg.

A recent development of the emitter passes the high voltage current through a horizontal wing ’wrapped’ in six-micron stainless steel.

The ATLANT™ technology has been independently verified as being safe to humans, animals and the environment.

Oman trials with technology overview