Effective across wide areas and diverse applications –ATLANT™ is a ground-based rainfall enhancement technology which can effectively deliver substantial volumes of water for irrigated and dry land agriculture as well as urban and industry use.

Measurable efficacy – New methods of statistical analysis have been developed to deal with the issue of isolating an effect in a highly variable meteorological setting. Three consecutive trials in Adelaide and two in Oman have yielded consistent levels of rainfall enhancement from 10-18 per cent with statistical confidence levels of 90 and 99 per cent.

Independent analysis and review – The experimental design of the trials was developed with research scientists. The data was analysed by the Centre for Survey and Statistical Methodology at the University of Wollongong and Analytecon.

Demonstrated economic benefits – A submission to Australian Parliamentary Murray Darling (See Resources section) estimated that if an installation of 50 ATLANT™’s through the Murray Darling Basin show similar enhancement to the three trials in Adelaide, 750GL of water would be added to the system annually at an annual cost well under 10 per cent of the cost of buying back this water from irrigators. Similarly the results from the two Oman trials indicate an annual increase of more than 50GL of water flow year across two ATLANT™’s (the output of a medium sized desalination plant) at a trial cost of $US1.5 million a year.

Additional water where large scale engineering solutions don’t work – The costs of engineering options for augmenting or transferring water supplies from other storages, generally precludes agricultural and other applications in areas outside of urban and large industrial developments. If similar results to the Adelaide trials can be achieved in the cropping areas of Western Australia that have been hard hit by declining rainfall, the benefits of deploying multiple ATLANT™ systems would average around $US10 million per ATLANT™ per year.

Hazard-free – The operation of ATLANT™ has been shown to be safe for humans and livestock and does not disturb aviation or communications. Studies have shown there are no adverse effects upon the surrounding regional rainfall.

Flexible, scalable and transferable – Australian Rain Technologies has developed operating plans for deployment in Australia and around the world that can be tailored to meet local operating conditions and needs. The technology can be easily and quickly installed and removed.


Northern Mount Lofty Ranges elevation rise from west to east.