Australian Rain Technologies (ART) has broken the traditional paradigm of meteorological statistical analysis. It has applied the most advanced developments in statistical methodology to deal with previous limitations to environmental and climatological research. This has enabled enormously advantageous decision-making around rainfall enhancement technologies.

About Us

ART is a commercial company committed to the effective deployment of rainfall enhancement technologies. ART is focused on research and development of ground-based ionization technologies and on advancing predictive and assessment statistical methodologies.

Wholly owned by Matt and Clare Handbury, ART operates the Atlant ionization rainfall enhancement technology, developed by the same scientists at General Electric who developed chemical cloud-seeding after World War II.

Cognizant of the issues cloud-seeding trials have encountered with achieving consistently significant results over 70 years, we have applied ourselves tirelessly to finding and working with spatio-temporal statisticians to overcome the various statistical challenges in dealing with rainfall enhancement trial data.

These efforts have led to consistent results of high statistical confidence over the past 10 years.

Significant results in increased rainfall in 2010 South Australian Atlant Trial